Plasma Fission

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Plasma Fission is so UNIQUE?

Plasma Fission is an innovative device that was created thanks to the passion of engineers from the Wrocław University of Technology in cooperation with doctors who determined the functionality and usability of the new precision medical tool. Thanks to this cooperation a wireless plasma cutter with a number of unique solutions and patented technologies was created.

The mechanism of action of the device is based on the controlled, targeted emission of a plasma beam, which is created by ionising gases found in the air.
This produces an electric arc that can sublimate the epidermis and shrink the skin at the application site in a controlled manner.

Under the influence of the plasma created, both elastin and collagen fibres are stimulated to regenerate. The treatment does not cause bleeding or necrosis of adjacent tissues, as its action only affects the border of the basal layer of the dermis.

The Fission Plasma is distinguished by having full medical certification. The device has successfully passed clinical tests.

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Plasma Fission is successfully used by dermatologists and aesthetic practitioners for the following conditions:

• seborrhoeic warts,

• hemangiomas,
• fibromas,
• yellow tufts,
• viral warts,
• molluscum contagiosum,
• telangiectasias,
• pigmented lesions,
• moles (e.g. Miescher’s),
• hyperkeratosis,
• dermatochalasis (blepharoplasty);

Find out the effects of Plasma Fission

Advantages of the device

Plasma Fission combines all the most desirable features of a modern medical device. The introduced solutions combine what every operator needs to work safely and comfortably under medical certification. 

The patented generator with automatic voltage regulation ensures constant plasma beam power.

The ergonomic shape allows a precise treatment.

The device is ultra-lightweight. It weighs only 135 grams and has a balanced centre of gravity.

The device has intuitive operation and a 10-step power adjustment.

Plasma Fission is equipped with a 0.95-inch colour OLED display.

The device is fully wireless and has no passive electrode.

The MagClickTM attachment system allows quick electrode changes without additional equipment.

Disposable treatment electrodes with a diameter of 0.15 or 0.3 mm allow a precise targeting of the plasma beam to the treatment area.

The built-in rechargeable battery allows a minimum of 8 hours of operation without additional charging. The device has a magnetic charging connector.

Energy-saving solutions switch the device to sleep mode after 3 minutes of non-use. 

Enhanced user safety – an extensive software and hardware security system has been installed.

The device has the TÜV Nord certificate. Made in Poland. It has a 24-month producer’s warranty.

The device can be used in several surgeries.
It is small in size and the handy, approved transport case protects the device from damage.

Patented solutions

The device has patented technical solutions, including the plasma generator.
Also patented is the unique solution of
MagClikTM treatment electrode attachment.

From the idea of its inception to the commercialisation of the project, Plasma Fission is surrounded by the support of people belonging to the teams of specialists who are involved in its development. Nothing here is an accident…

Designer and producer of the device. The company originated from the Wrocław University of Technology’s Academic Business Incubator.

A Polish company with family traditions that has been on the market for more than 30 years, distributing and servicing medical equipment.

A technology fund that supports the most interesting start-up projects in the field of innovation in the medical and defence industries in their development.

Medical device
Plasma Fission

The device is used for dermatological treatment by sublimation of the epidermis or skin lesions that the doctor deems necessary/possible to remove without histopathological examination.

The dermatologist/surgeon evaluates the skin lesion using available techniques and based on medical knowledge and, on those basis, qualifies the lesion for removal using the Plasma Fission device.

The device has full medical certification

The CE Conformity Mark indicates that the Plasma Fission medical device conforms to the requirements of the European Council Directive 93/42/EEC of 14 June 1993 concerning medical devices.
It also indicates that the manufacturer has implemented and maintains a Quality Management System, compliant with the requirements of PN-EN ISO 13485:2016, under the supervision of TUV NORD Polska Ltd. The CE conformity mark is only valid for the Plasma Fission medical device. Disposable accessories and any other accessory equipment indicated for use with the Plasma Fission device are also marked with CE conformity marks.


Example of application of Plasma Fission
The large photo is for illustration purposes only, case photos are shown below the description.

patient: female, 48 years old, European race,
location of the fibroma: left armpit
lesion characteristics: heavily stalked with a length of 5 mm, no oncological changes found.

Adjusted power of device: level 8
Approximate treatment duration: 10 minutes


Example of application of Plasma Fission
The large photo is for illustration purposes only, case photos are shown below the description.
patient: female, 55 years old, European race,
location of the hemangioma: abdominal region
lesion characteristics: 6mm in diameter, elevated by 2.5mm maroon in colour, no oncological changes found.

Adjusted power of device: level 7

Approximate treatment duration: 15 minutes

Pigmented lesion

Example of application of Plasma Fission
The large photo is for illustration purposes only, case photos are shown below the description.
patient: female, 60 years of age, European race,
location of pigmentation: left temple
lesion characteristics: irregular, 15mm in diameter, light brown in colour, flush with skin level, no oncological changes found.
Adjusted power of device: level 5
Approximate treatment duration: 30 minutes

The exclusive distributor of the Plasma Fission device is Praiston Ltd.

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